Senin, 02 Maret 2020

Want real comfort at home? Take a peek 3 Tips Here

Home is a place where we can rest and do a lot of activities in it. Bringing comfort to the home is not just a matter that fits in the eyes and hearts of every family member, but also fits in the pocket.

No need for difficult ways and spend an expensive budget, a comfortable home can be applied with the following 3 tips. Another bonus, the house will feel new and give the impression of sophisticated alias luxury!

Choose a Family Favorite Sofa
A comfortable home will be more felt if you choose the right furniture, one of which is the sofa. This furniture can be chosen based on the area of ​​the room, color and design, and comfort when trying it. If you want to save space, sectional sofa or L-Shape Sofa is the right recommendation. Whereas for those who want a more personal atmosphere, sofabed can bring the comfort of every family member.

Pay Attention to Dining Room Furniture
In addition to the living room, dining room is also often a favorite place to gather with family. Present comfort through the choice of dining room furniture, such as dining tables and chairs that fit the design style of the room, or has been available in a set. Look for a dining table with PVC materials that are lightweight and flexible, or solid wood for an elegant impression.

Presents Cool Shades with Home Decoration
After a day of activities, it feels like you want to feel a cool impression when you enter the house. For that, you can put artificial flowers or wall decoration canvas with various motifs. A cool impression can also be obtained from the play of colors and motifs from the cushion cover you know! In addition to wall d├ęcor canvas, there is a mirror and clock wall that can be an option.

Want real comfort at home? Take a peek 3 Tips Here
Design Living Room
"As a new choice for your home, Trans Living presents a variety of quality furniture and home decor at affordable prices. Enjoy the 0% installment program for sofa products for 6 and 12 months from Mega Zip, or 0% installments for any product with a minimum transaction of Rp. 500,000 for 6 months from the Mega Bank credit card, "said Vice President Corporate Communications of PT Trans Retail Indonesia, Satria Hamid, Friday (11/29/2019).

The following is a list of products that enter the full "Sophisticated Comfort" promo below.

1. Samaya Sectional Sofa, saving 3 million rupiah to Rp 7,999,000 / unit. Can be paid in installments for only Rp 1,333,166 / month for 6 months with a Mega Bank credit card. Other sectional sofas available are Difara, Desire, Shalea, Samara, Deinola and Saloma, which save up to 1.4 million rupiah.

2. Harzel Sofabed, saving 1.1 million rupiah to Rp 1,499,000 / unit. Can be paid in installments only IDR 249,833 / month for 6 months. Available in black and brown. Also get Daely, Nushka, Kargasy, Hilster, Berely, Dallas and Calice sofabed with up to 45% savings.

3. Osiris Dining Table, saving 1.4 million rupiah to Rp 4,599,000 / unit and Olsen Dining Chair, saving 400 thousand rupiah to Rp 999,000 / unit. Both of them can be paid in installments starting from IDR 166,500 / month for 6 months. There are also other Dining Tables: Osborne and Seth, Dining Chairs: Ophelia, Hazel, Sherry, Halsey and Sally, and Diningset: Saga & Skyla, Clayton & Clyde, Oulea and Liam.

4. Phalaenopsis Orchid Hyachintyh White prices start at IDR 100,000 / unit, Wall Deco Canvas prices start at IDR 49,000 / unit, Wall Mirror prices start at IDR 180,000 / unit, Clock prices start at IDR 90,000 / unit and Cushion Cover prices start at IDR 120,000 / unit.

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