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6 This Equipment For Kitchen Kece, Already Have All?

Again 'love-love' with the kitchen? Want to continue to beautify one of the essential rooms in this house? In addition to decorating the kitchen according to your favorite design style, you should also prepare a variety of cooking and dining utensils to add a beautiful impression. The kitchen will look even more new! Curious what equipment you must have? Come check in full in this article.

Dinner Set This

Dining equipment is a must have. A variety of colors and beautiful dinnerware motifs can make the kitchen look more cool! Choose pastel colors for colored kitchen rooms, or clean designs for a luxurious impression. Also provide a beautiful bowl set with a variety of sizes. So when relatives or family come, the bowl set can be the right serving container.


If there is a dinner set, surely it will be more complete with glassware. Various choices of glassware that can support the appearance of the kitchen such as cup saucer sets, mug sets, tumbler sets and drink jar. All glassware has a variety of attractive designs and colors you know. Also mix glassware with pitchers to make it more complete.

Picnic Set

Want to hold a small event with your family in the kitchen? Don't forget to prepare a picnic set. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, picnic sets consist of plates, cups, spoons, forks and food storage. Surely this kitchen equipment to make photos so instagrammable!

Dish Rack

The small kitchen must also be organized neatly. For that, dish rack can be the right kitchen equipment. Select the model as desired, for example a 2 layer dish rack or one that has a lid.

Cookware & Homeware

If cookware is usually stored in a drawer, start by hanging it so the kitchen looks more beautiful. Look for cookware such as wok, fry pan, sauce pan and pressure cooker with an okay design, and also prepare homeware for your every important moment. So it looks like being in a restaurant!

Food Container & Cutlery Sets

In addition to dish racks, you can prepare cutlery sets with bottles so that each tableware is neatly arranged. While the food container you also need to have to store every snack or food so that quality is maintained.

6 This Equipment For Kitchen Kece, Already Have All?
Equipment For Kitchen

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3. Brittany Cup Saucer Set of 8 and Purple Cup Saucer Set of 12 with prices starting at Rp 169,000-Rp 199,000 / set. There is also a Nederla Mug Set of 4 saving Rp 200 thousand to Rp 199,000 / set.

4. Boston / Athena Tumbler Set of 8 IDR 34,900 / unit, Trans Living Drink Jar Set of 3 with Straw IDR 69,900 / set and Trans Living Drink Jar Set of 4 IDR 69,900 / set.

5. Nannos / Khalea Pitcher 1.2l IDR 24,900 / unit and Trans Living Picnic Set of 25 IDR 99,900 / set. Available in green, powder pink and smokey blue.

6. Trans Living Plastic 2 Layer Dishrack & Trans Living Rose Gold 2 Layer Dishrack with prices starting at Rp 129,000-Rp 299,000 / unit, and Rovega Pladys Dishrack 50% discount to only Rp 399,000 / unit.

7. All Oxone Homeware discounts of up to 20% with prices starting at Rp 67,500 / unit and All Cookware Supers 30% discount with prices starting at Rp 115,500 / unit.

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