Jumat, 21 Februari 2020

New Software Helps Interior Design Process Easier

AiHouse,  interior design software was officially introduced by Dekorey. Integrated with intelligence technology (AI), this software is claimed to make it easier for users to carry out the design process in order to realize the dream space.

"The target of using (AiHouse) is indeed more on interior designers, both beginners and professionals," said Dekorey CEO Gordon Enns at Central Jakarta, Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

Starting from the need for design revisions which generally takes a long time, Dekorey provides solutions to provide efficiency in the process of designing and renovating a room.

The presence of AiHouse as well as completing Dekorey services, ranging from interior design software , to shopping for furniture needs in just one application.

"AiHouse will help interior design practitioners gain greater efficiency, namely easier design work, a short revision process, and a quick cost calculation," added Godon.

Yes, AiHouse strives to simplify the array of elements that can shift the focus and concentration of the designer, emphasizing the concept of energy efficiency, time, and cost.

AiHouse implements database functions that store hundreds, even thousands, of collection products that are ready to be used in the interior design process .

"It's as easy as drag and drop . We believe this feature can improve the efficiency of time and energy of a designer in working on a project, up to just fifteen minutes." said AiHouse Senior Director Richard Lee.

AiHouse Software Features

AiHouse has a 720 degree Panorama VR feature that helps clients get a realistic picture of the design space. This software  will recognize the room as needed and scan the settings, as well as which furniture fits from the thousands of furniture collections available.

After the design is approved and confirmed, AiHouse takes the designer and client to the next stage through the automatic quotation feature that makes it easy to detail each product, complete with estimated costs. This interior design software is priced at Rp9.99 million to subscribe for a year.

This Chinese-made software has already recorded more than 1 million user designers with millions of designs that are important data and information in optimizing the performance of artificial intelligence. Designed by 800 software developers , besides Indonesia, AiHouse has also expanded to Malaysia.