Whimsical Reading Nooks & How To Make Them

For those of us who grew up loving books and reading as children, nothing could draw us in like a good book and a cozy reading nook to enjoy it in. As adults, time for relaxing and reading a book becomes more and more scarce, with the busy nature of today’s world. Between work, school, and family time–it can be difficult to carve out a hunk of your day to unwind and get comfortable enough to absorb the words of a book. Adding a reading nook in your home can bring back that childhood feeling of escape and comfort, and make it easier for you to find the time to get back to reading the books you love. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create the perfect cozy atmosphere in your reading nook.

First–find the perfect space for your nook. Of course, the ideal nook sits in front of a window overlooking beautiful scenery. But that isn’t an option for everyone–so you may have to improvise! Find a somewhat secluded corner of your house, or even a little section of your living room or den. Add a comfortable chair for hours spent cozied up with your favorite novel. Make sure to also set up a lamp with a soft but bright light for optimum reading light. Add soft throws and pillows to make it extra comfy. Even without the traditional structure of a window reading nook–you can create the same cozy feeling in your own home!

If you are lucky enough to have a nice and charming nook already built into your home there are still several ways you can personal it. Obviously you’ll need decorative pillows and throws but where would you find any that matched your style. You’ll want to be particular about the look of your nook to be sure so why not shop at Soft Surroundings. The name says it all! Enjoy great deals on super cute throws, decorative pillows, and so much more. If you wanna take your reading nook to the next level and upgrade it, why not add some cute mirrors? A smattering of mirrors placed beside your nook can give a fun and funky feel. Soft Surroundings also boasts a wide selection of lighting fixtures. Finish off your nook with the perfect accent lamp, table lamp, or pendant light that matches your style.

A reading nook is a great place to spend quality time with loved ones or with yourself! It’s a proven fact that stress has a negative impact on our health so why not try and combat life’s daily stresses with a fun and cozy reading nook. You’ll experience hours of enjoyment cuddled up in a unique environment of your own creation. Don’t forget to add some shelving into your nook! A great place to buy shelving and supplies you’d need to put it up is Lowe’s. That way you can keep all your favorite books close at end or you can display some of your favorite trinkets. The perfect place to read a book is a place that you’ve created with your imagination!

Perhaps the most important part of any reading nook is the books! Stock up and enjoy great deals on great books at Barnes and Noble. Once you’ve got the shelving, books, cozy pillows, amazing blankets, and lighting that you need to make your reading nook, get to it and enjoy!





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